About Me

About Me 1

Hey, I’m Mohanraj

and Welcome to my blog.

Self-made tech entrepreneur from Chennai, India. Currently obsessed with mountains, memes & business.

Being an avid reader and writer from childhood, it’s always my dream to start a blog and write about things that make me happy.

I will be writing about my business, routines, future things, travel, or about anything that makes me feel good.

About my work:

I currently run a Digital Tech company “Ploxim” through which we do a dozen of works in both B2B and B2C industry mainly in the US market followed by India.

Our work majorly focused on WordPress, Cloud Servers, and SEO.

Why I founded a company:

I did my Engineering in Chennai at an area (OMR) where 90% of the global IT companies located. Right from the first year, I got fascinated by that “tall glass buildings” and pledged myself to work in a company after my course completion.

Likewise, I got selected for a company and then the nightmare started. I lived a fake life and never enjoyed even 1% of my life there. All I know is, I don’t deserve this place and I want to do something new that is challenging.

Being a heavy internet user, I always explore stuff online and during my college third year, I learned “Anyone can make money online without a degree”.

I went through many learning processes and created my first site in 2013 and made my first online money. I was questioning myself! what did you do? I can’t express the feeling when the money got credited into my account. Right from the time, I was making a decent income every month.

Once I’m done with my IT work, I decided to take it as “Full-Time Profession” and it was the life-changing moment for me.

I understood the Internet is the future and built my work around it. In 2020, Our team is growing slowly yet steadily with employees from various parts of India and a few from the United States, the Uk, and Indonesia.

While “Remote Work” is a common thing in 2020, I predicted the same in 2015-16 and built my employees more of “Work from Home” rather than coming to the office daily.

About other things:

I love traveling apart from my work. I don’t get the right partner and time to make frequent travels as most of my friends are working in companies and they don’t get enough long holidays.

Still, I did some crazy trips in South India and went to Manali, Delhi, and Agra in the North.

About Me 2

About Future:

According to recent stats, less than 50% of the global population got access to the internet yet the “Internet Businesses” are growing exponentially faster than ever and its a “Trillion Dollar Industry”.

You can just imagine the amount of money available on the internet. One just needs the right mindset and support to make it big.

You can watch the site, may be, I’ll write some detailed guide which let’s anyone even a 15year old kid to make money online in legitimate way.