What I’m Doing? Explaining The Work Process.

One of the most asked questions by friends and relatives even strangers,

What are you doing with your company?

To answer this question, read the following things.

1.TheWireCutter.Com is a consumer-based product suggestions website which was acquired by The New York Times for $30 Million https://www.recode.net/2016/10/24/13381002/new-york-times-wirecutter-purchase-30-million-briam-lam-consumer-guide

2. A viral news website ViralNova was sold for over $100 million https://www.businessinsider.in/One-guy-launched-a-website-and-made-millions-without-hiring-a-single-employee-now-hes-sold-it-for-100-million/articleshow/48005564.cms

3. The FinacialTimes acquires a major stake in famous tech news site TheNextWeb for an undisclosed amount https://www.fastcompany.com/90315402/the-financial-times-has-acquired-the-next-web

4. The TimesInternet India acquired a major stake in Cricbuzz, India based #1 sports website https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/66587/times-internet-acquires-cricbuzz

5. By looking into Google News, you can see there a lot of sales happening https://news.google.com/search?q=%20site%20acquires%20&hl=en-IN&gl=IN&ceid=IN%3Aen

By the above examples, most can understand what I do!

Under our company, we’re working on multiple web properties like above, visited by people over the globe, thus generating revenue through various modes with the help of Google and similar networks.

With Internet being the future, I can proudly say

I’m working in the hottest industry, that’s never going to die.

With only 48% of people over the globe, have an internet connection, the industry has already generated a lot of revenue, one can imagine the growth in the near future when new users flooding up the internet.

The Process

As said above, I started working with an education site based on India later shifted to business-related site bloggingio.com

With the income gained over bloggingio in the last few years, I started creating multiple web properties focused on tech, business,ecommerce consumers across the US, UK, and India.

Though it looks easy while reading, it took me four to five years, to make mistakes and to create a streamlined flow of work process that brings results.

Currently, we run over 15 web properties, each at various stages, like, some of them generating revenue for over a year, some of them started generating income this month while few of them will start making income in the next 1-2 months while the rest of them are just initiated and the execution is yet to get started.

Here is an US-based tech consumer site with the last few days traffic report

What I'm Doing? Explaining The Work Process. 1

Here is an reports of global business website

Here is my Facebook post showing up my primary projects in US/India and its reports

All our primary #SEO projects went up green for the first time.

Posted by Mohanraj on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Unlike the above examples, I haven’t planned to sell those sites but looking at the recent acquisitions by renowned companies, I’ve started two web properties this April with the aim of selling them in the next 9-12 months which is quite possible.

What’s The Good & Bad of Industry

First the bad,

1.As like every other industry in the world, the Internet Industry too will have a lot of competitors in the near future thanks to cheap Internet Mr.Ambani (mixed smile/sad reactions)

2.Back in 10 years, people consume a lot of text-based contents while Video is taking over nowadays. While our primary projects are text-based, we’ve started working with video-based contents.

மாற்றம் ஒன்றே மாறாதது.

In English, Change is the only thing that never changes.

3.I’m excited to see what is going to overtake Videos after 10 years, maybe VR or something new, I’m ready to face the challenges whatever it may be.

The good thing,

1.We’re creating some web projects for industries which are going to be massive in the next 5-7 years, thus giving us an edge over other competitors since most of them start doing such projects only when it comes live.

2.Breaking the traditional office setup, I work with a lot of freelance employees instead of in-house office employees, thus it gives me the freedom to work even if I’m on vacation and moreover it’s 2019 and being on the internet era, I don’t want my people traveling 2-3 hours for office commute, let them work wherever they’re comfortable and bring me the results.

3.I value relationship more than anything and would like to spend the most time with the closest people, and my work makes it easy to achieve such goals.


While most people in my industry will find this content a boring one as they know the most thing, I write this for people who aren’t aware of these things.

There are thousands of such properties can be created and as a human, I can’t do all of it.

If someone willing to learn more about it, creating such things, ping me on hello[at]ploxim.com or Facebook, I can guide you further.


Ending with an mandatory video =D


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