My 2018 Year in Review & What’s Next?

Life is moving faster.

I still can’t believe, 2019 was my third year working full-time on my online businesses.

Being an avid reader and writer, I always thought of starting a personal blog documenting my life of Entrepreneurship, Traveling, Cooking (Yes, I love it) and some random titbits.

2018 ended as the best year of my life since I achieved some big dreams and thought this as the right time to publish my first post on

What Happened in 2018

I don’t fix any short term goals since I’m 100% sure, I’ll fail.

I kept a single long term goal and started working on it, pretty much like the first 15secs dialogue of this Tamizh movie scene.

Personally, one of the most significant achievements in 2018 – I moved to my newly constructed house in Chennai.

Without my parents and relatives support, this won’t be possible, and I’ll remain thankful forever.

Professionally, I incorporated my company, Ploxim Web Solutions(OPC) Private Limited in Sep 2018.

The brand name Ploxim was coined by Archer team from the UK and the word “Ploxim” is derived from the base word Pixel further mixed with business-related terms.

I never had the idea of starting a company.

Most modern online businesses never require an office, and I can work from beaches or cafe shops or Nilgiri Mountain Rail, crisply I can work from anywhere in the world where the fast Internet is available.

Most Americans/Europeans work in the same way remotely, and I thought of replicating the same, but I was wrong.

I can see it never work for a typical Indian like me.

Sticking to basics, I rented an office space takes 15min travel from my home and I work from there.

Few of us work from office while the rest of our freelance employees are from North East India. Apart from it, I occasionally collaborate with freelance developers from UK and Bosnia.


I created more than 10+ sites across tech and business niches while three of them are authority sites that generate regular income while the rest of them are niche sites.

I started working on niches sites targeted towards Black Friday from May 2018 and each site ranked for at least 10-15 keywords in top 5 positions, but the irony is it became tough to manage the sites during Black Friday, and I failed to add affiliate links for most posts 🙁

Below is one of our sites where I sent higher number of direct traffic to companies instead of affiliate traffic.

My 2018 Year in Review & What's Next? 1
I blurred traffic numbers since its easy for competitors to identify the niche. The deal was started a day before Black Friday on Nov 23rd, 2018, so there is an traffic spike.

Apart from it, our authority sites are growing bigger not affected by any Google Algorithms till now.

Ok enough of the story! What are you doing Online?

The compulsory question people ask me every time. Let me share you a glimpse.

What do I do?

All of my works are focused primarily on SEO and Affiliate Marketing. Also, I ran a few Adsense based sites and recently started offering web services through

For people unaware of these things, in simple terms, I develop custom niche and authority websites which get viewed by thousands of visitors across the globe every day, thus generating revenue for my living.


I travelled a lot more in 2016/17 across Tamilnadu and Karnataka but in 2018 ended up visiting Kanyakumari DT alone due to time constraints.

My 2018 Year in Review & What's Next? 2


I started following the Paleo lifestyle, eating high-fat low-carb food for a healthy lifestyle. If anyone who has diabetes, PCOS, obesity, Blood pressure etc, I strongly recommend Paleo for them.

Goals 2019 -What’s Next?

To diversify income stream, I planned to offer my SEO services for Chennai based clients through my exclusive site

I’m selective on choosing clients since I want to keep the balance between my own projects and client one. I’ve planned to do something different from what traditional SEO companies in cities like Chennai and Bangalore do to get clients.

I’ve started a few more own affiliate projects that can generate three figure income in and around 50 days, hopefully, I can expand my team in Chennai at the right time.

My long term goal is to build a SaaS product related to Digital Marketing that solves the most common issues faced by Marketers. Apart from SaaS, our team is developing a WordPress plugin and a chrome extension for marketers, more info on that coming in 2019.


I love visiting new places more than anything in the world ( Okay, maybe equal to trying new paleo dishes)

Due to firm commitments and initial growth stage, I delayed most travel plans like attending Matt’s SEO conference in Chaing Mai and personal trips to somewhere in Europe.

I don’t know why, but I love Europe.

My 2018 Year in Review & What's Next? 3
“London” – The City of Dreams

There is no particular place! I want to visit the nook and corner of Europe,hopefully, I’ll make a trip in the second half of 2019.


After quitting IT job in an unfortunate manner back in 2016, I never worried about the future, thanks for in-depth learning of SEO since 2012 which gave me the confidence to choose my new career.

Now, I love Mondays more than Sundays because of the love and passion towards my work that drives me crazy always.

I’m actively looking forward to bettering 2019 and hope everyone out there find the passion of your life.

C ya soon!

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