How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India?

If you are a person who makes frequent online payments, then this post is right for you.

I’m saving over Rs.10,000 every year through this methods which sometimes helps you to save money and earn money at the same time.

Here comes the tried and tested method you can utilize while doing online payments.

Tips to Earn & Save Money for Indians

1. Get Cashback on All Recharges & Bill payments

There are hundreds of websites and apps to pay your online bills but there are only two apps in India that gives maximum cashback/rewards every single day of the years.

Click here to download PayZapp.

How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India? 2

PayZapp by HDFC banks offers 5% cashback on all recharges and bill payments. Every time I pay Rs. 1200 for my broadband billing, I get Rs. 61 back in my wallet. In a year, I save over Rs.600 for my broadband bills.

Click here to download Pockets by ICICI Bank. Don’t forget to enter my code POC0182912 for reward bouns.

Pockets by ICICI offer a similar discount by which you will make a 5% discount on all payments including recharges, bill payments, etc. While Pockets credits cashback instantly, PayZapp takes 24 hours to add credits. I save over Rs. 600 by paying my office broadband bills here.

How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India? 3

There are many famous wallets like Gpay, Phonepe, Freecharge, etc but they provide discount for first time users alone and provides Rs.10 during some random times.

But according to me, these two Pockets and PayZapp are the underrated wallets which are providing consistent cashback throughout the year.

Both these wallets will generate a virtual debit card inside the app and all the cashback amounts are stored in it. You can either use it to shop at eCommerce sites just like your regular debit cards. Alternatively, you can keep the money and use it to pay your bills for free, completly.

2. Get Cashback for paying your Credit Card bills.

Cred is one of the most innovative apps, I ever came across. Every time, you pay your credit card bills, Cred will credit cashback to your account.

I just got Rs. 24 cashback for paying Rs. 4600 worth credit card bill. This cashback will be credited into your Credit Card within 24 hours.

Most of us are using credit cards nowadays and its time to money out of it.

How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India? 4

3. Redeem Debit Card Rewards into Cash

You might be using debit card for so long time but do you know, your bank rewards you points for every purchases?

Let us take my ICICI savings account for example. For every 200 Rs. spent, you will get 10 points. Based on the frequency of usage, your points will increase.

Once you crosses certain points, you can redeem points into gift voucher. I always transfer such points into Amazon gift card and those cards into my Amazon Pay account and use the amount for my online purchases. Alternatively, you can also send the money to your bank account.

How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India? 5

The wonderful thing is, even the not so popular Govt banks too offers such rewards and don’t miss this awesome way to save money.

4. Get a Credit Card

If you mastered the art of using Credit Card in right way, then you are great. Credit cards provides unlimited ways to earn money for every online purchases.

If you are not good at handling Credit Cards, you can skip this.

Whatever the credit card you are using, there is always a cashback or rewards or points.

To maximize earnings, do all your payments on Credit Card and cross the milestone set for you. Most cards reward you 10,000 reward points if you cross the milestone.

How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India? 6

5. Get 5% Rewards for shopping in Amazon & Flipkart

My favorite among all. What is the last purchase you made on Amazon or Flipkart or any other major online portals?

  • Bought a mobile? You can get 2% back on the total price.
  • Bought any appliances? You can get 2.5% back
  • Bought fashion products? You can get 4.5% back

Here is how much money I earned till now.

How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India? 7
How To Earn Money On All Online Transactions in India? 8

The rewards can be claimed as “Amazon or Flipkart” Vouchers. The cashback will be sent straight to the bank account.

I just made around Rs. 6000 last year just by making an purchase on ecommerce sites.

How to do it?

Sign up with Cashkaro

Once confirmed with your email address, visit the site and Cashkaro will provide links to Amazon, Flipkart, and more than 100+ ecommerce sites.

Visit those sites using Cashkaro and make purchases just like how you do normally. With 24-48 hours, the cashback will be credited to your account.

Simple as that.

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