I’m Working from Home since 2016 & Here is my insights

While world is going crazy about Work From Home in 2020, I was lucky enough doing the same from 2016.

After completing my college in 2015, I joined one of the best IT company and worked there for a while. Since the job is not interesting and I started looking for alternate jobs.

Based on a short script I wrote for Apache Web Server in 2014, one of the USA based private funded IT firm hired me to work as their remote employee.

This how things started and now I’m getting handful of projects from multiple US sources and doing an job that I really passionate about.

For better Tax management and reducing some boring of the job, I registered a company and hired few talents to perform those boring stuffs.

If I look back the last four years,

I have worked from Chennai, my native, Ooty and many more places. The only requirement is a laptop and quality internet connection.

Here are the insights that I wish to share for new age Work From Home people.

1. Even if you work from home, you should think of going to the office, get ready on time, wear a comfortable dress, and start working. This solves 90% of the problem.

Sleeping for long hours, waking up late, mixing both work and personal things will make the day the worse, and I too faced this during initial days, but once you fix this mindset, things will be fine.

2. Get a good work setup. It will be luxury to work from beds and sofa, sliding on walls but they will hurt you and decreases productivity.

This is why it takes long time to complete a task, which takes lesser time to complete when done from office.

Tech tips: Use Dayboard Chrome Extension if allowed. For every 10 seconds, your hands will go through browsing Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc. This extension won’t block the social media pages but it reminds you to complete the task. This can save a huge time for anyone who is addicted to Social Media.

If you follow the above two steps, 99% of the problems will be solved in no time. You don’t need to take this as advice, just try to follow this for one day! If you feel better, it’s good; if not you can just trash this idea. Simple as that.

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